This article is from Apr 03, 2019

Facebook removed Bjp & Congress Pro Pages !

Recently, Facebook has removed unreliable and spam-spreading pages in India.

In this, Pro Congress pages has been removed from Facebook.But if we check the real fact many Pro BJP pages has also been removed from Facebook.

The followers of the congress page is about 0.2 million and according to Facebook records, Congress has spent about $39000 on advertising.

Further, the page Silver Touch has also been removed which has 2 million followers and this particular page has spent $70000 on advertising according to Facebook.


If you consider this as a random company, well that’s not true since Facebook has released some of the newsletters of this page and it talks really high about PM Modi. Hence, there are many pages which acts in the favour of BJP on Facebook.

Since these companies does not hold the name of Congress, the media seemed to have not noticed these pages/companies.

Both the groups have spent around $109000 on advertising which is nearly equal to Rs.70 lakhs.

To keep a check on the political parties and to make sure that they do not decide the election results, Facebook has taken this initiative which is good for the country.

Proof : 

Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior and Spam From India and Pakistan

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