Factcheck : Had portraits of Hindu gods burnt in CAA protest ?

A video clip claiming that people who protest against citizenship law had burnt several images of Hindu gods is going viral on social media like Facebook and Twitter. That video clip posted on the Facebook page of Uraiyur Sugumar Natarajan is going viral by getting more than 3k shares.


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The clip posted not only in Tamil but also in several other Indian languages on social media like Facebook and Twitter is condemning to take actions against protestors. The video is inducing anger amongst Hindu people and creating hatred against the protestors who oppose CAA. We have researched where and when the video was taken.


What’s the fact?

While looking for videos about burning pictures of Hindu gods on road, the same video mentioned before was found posted as “Bhim army activists disrespect Hindu gods” in the YouTube page “In Hindi Analysis” on 3rd September, 2018.

Youtube archived link 

In that YouTube video, it was said that members of the Ambedkar organization insulted images of Hindu gods. You can also hear the slogans of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s name. However, when searching for where the incident took place, the video was released on the Facebook page in April 2018.

Facebook link | archived link 

Young Ambedkarites in Mysore’s Ashokpuram have burned images of Hindu gods a year and a half ago against the Sanghis who burned copies of the constitution. However, we don’t want to discuss the incident or the reason for the burning of images of Hindu gods.

But, the video being circulated by saying that the people protesting against CAA act are burning the pictures of Hindu gods is being shared on the internet since April, 2018. The news about the pictures of Hindu gods are burnt in the protest against the CAA act is fake.

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