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Apps won’t help to find spy cameras, but this will help!

Recently, police have arrested a person for fixing hidden cameras in a ladies hostel in Thillai Ganga Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai. Since the incident, it is viral that spy cameras can be found using the apps. But is that possible? And what are the other ways to find the spy cameras?

Two months back, Sampathraj alias Sanjeev from Asthinapuram, Chrompet rented a building in Thillai Ganga Nagar. He made it popular by advertising it on facebook as ladies hostel. 6 women who are working in IT and a nurse were staying in the hostel. Sanjeev visited the hostel frequently for renovation work and others. This made the residents suspect something weird. The switchboard failed working when a woman in the hostel tried plugging hair drier. To their shock, they found a camera when the switchboard was dismantled to get it repaired. They filed a complaint in Adambakkam police station once they witness a camera.

Police found spy cameras in the switchboard, hanger, behind the curtains. Two cameras in the bathroom and two in bulb were also found. Sanjeev was often visiting the hostel to fix the cameras in right position to get clearer view though he had fixed it earlier. Those cameras are the ones that get alerted when it senses sound and starts recording. The cameras are capable of recording for 2 hours at a stretch.

When Sanjeev’s office was checked, they found 18 android cellphones, 2 laptops, and other documents. He was arrested even before recording any videos of the residents. He was testing and fixing the cameras in the right position since he rented the building. He was arrested on 3rd December 2018 and is being investigated. It is said that he does not have any videos. It is to be noted that there is a land grabbing case on him in the year 2011.

How to find spy cameras and things to be noted

  1. Hidden Camera Detective Apps – It is said that hidden cameras can be found using the apps. But there are no notable features in the app and are with several disadvantages. When we installed and checked an app, it created sound even in the room that has no electronic devices. Moreover, we cannot get a clear result when the apps are used for detection. It is also said that electromagnetic field can be detected using the app. But it can even be found without using the app. But infra-red light can be detected when recording a video using a cell phone. For example, infra light in remotes cannot be found using the naked eye. But is visible when it is recorded as a video. So cellphones can be used to detect infra light. And we can sense vibration from a cell phone when we are on a call being near spy cameras.
  2. It is important to check on any additional/extra things in the room, extraneous wire connection, holes on the wall, flower pots, tablecloth, hangers, sofas and electric appliances such as a bulb, watch, WiFi modem etc., It is also important to check whether the switchboards are in working condition.
  3. Do check whether you can sense any red or green LED light after switching off lights in the room. Microphones may have indicators.
  4. Radio Frequency Detector (RF Detector) can be used to detect radio signal transmitting device (transfers recorded data from one device to another). Please switch off laptops, Bluetooth and wifi devices while using this detector. RF Signal Detector is available from Rs. 650/- in online shopping pages like Amazon: AMZ AIGO ANTI SPY WIRELESS DETECTOR  Wireless RF Signal Detector CC308 Multi Function
  5. Camera Lens Detector – RF Detector detects the signals transmitted from wireless devices, whereas Camera Lens Detector is better to detect memory cards in the fixed cameras.
  6. Please check the following link to know on how to find the spy cameras in the mirror – (Transparent கண்ணாடியா என்பதை சோதிக்க விரல் சோதனை பயனளிக்குமா ?)
  7. Tiny Motion-Sensitive Cameras creates a notable noise or sound while working. This can be found when observed carefully.
  8. There are night vision spy cameras that could capture videos even during night time.
  9. It is must to check the room completely while cleaning the room.

Women Helpline Number – 1091 (Tamil Nadu)

Kuyili Training

Youturn along with Chennai Police are planning to provide training on Women Self Defence, Psychological Counseling and Legal Advice through Kuyili program. We have initiated the program by training Police Women and Female employees of CTS on Self Defence. We trust that this program will create awareness and will be useful to the girls and women out there in schools and corporates.

Women are in a position to go to their jobs after facing so many issues in our Country till date. It is important to know and be careful when dealing with people like Sanjeev.

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