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Is Ms.NirmalaSitharaman’s daughter a Military Officer?

News Spread – Mother is Minister of Defence and Daughter is a Military Officer!


Summary – Few pictures were posted in the Official Twitter page of Raksha Mantri on 7th November 2018 mentioning that those were taken during the Minister’s Diwali celebration along with the soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh. This particular picture is in the posted set of pictures.

Description – BJP supports have mentioned in social media that Ms.NirmalaSitharaman’s daughter is serving as a soldier. A picture of a soldier with Nirmala Sitharaman claiming that it is her daughter who is a soldier started spreading in North India first and now it is viral in Tamil Nadu too.

When we were checking the authenticity of the information, we found that it is untrue. Additionally, we got the information about her daughter. Name of her daughter is VangmayiParakala. One of the youtube videos had the picture of Nirmala Sitharaman’s husband and their daughter.

VangmayiParakala is a Journalist but not a Military Officer. Hence it is evidenced that the person in the picture is not the Minister’s daughter.

Who is in the photograph?

The officer in the photo is Nikita Veeraiah. The picture that she has taken with the minister has gone viral. The photographs taken during Diwali celebration with soldiers including this particular viral picture are posted in the Minister’s twitter page.

Army Spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand has said that it is not the picture of Minister with her daughter but it is a photo of a newly appointed Army officer with the Minister during her official visit.

Supporters can feel proud of anything but not by spreading fake information.

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