This article is from Dec 28, 2018

Is that Subramanian Swamy’s daughter and grandchild in the photo?

News Spread – Let the Lord invite Mr.Subramanian Swamy to Mecca who was there to send off his daughter to Mecca Pilgrimage (Umrah)


Description – A picture claiming that Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy was there in the airport to send off his daughter to Haj was viral. This picture which has the details in the Hindi Language went viral in social media with thousands of likes and shares.

The same picture was now being spread in the Tamil Language. Is that Mr.Subramanian Swamy’s daughter?

When we were searching for the whereabouts of the picture, we found Jagadish Shetty’s post on twitter. He is the one who captured and posted this picture on social media.

“See this in Bengaluru Airport! Muslim women appreciative of Dr Subramanian & even want to get photographed with him! Speaks volumes of his role & how they want Triple Talaq to be banned! Nation on the March !“, tweeted Jagadish Shetty. (This paragraph can be deleted if we are attaching the image of the tweet)

Jagadish Shetty has tweeted the above on May 4, 2018. At Bengaluru airport. Mr.Subramanian Swamy was actually attending an event in Bengaluru regarding Karnataka Assembly Election.

It is true that the women in the photograph are not his daughter and grandchild. Muslim women who saw him in the airport took a photograph with him. This photograph went viral with fabricated information.

Mr.Subramanian Swamy’s daughter got married to a Muslim. However, she did not convert herself to Muslim religion and it is not her who is in the photo.

Jagadish Shetty twitter post 

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