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Lord Shiva temple in China?

News Spread – Inscriptions in Tamil were found in a Shiva temple in China. It is a rare inscription that was found outside Tamil Nadu.



True: Inscriptions in Tamil and Chinese language is true.

Untrue: Pictures claiming that it is Shiva temple, China is false. The mentioned images are the

images of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Description – It is fact that the Tamil Kings led their troops across the sea to enhance their trade and governance. It may look exaggerated but not really. There are several ancient temples in other countries that talks about the good relationship or governance of Tamil ancient Kings in other countries.

There are several things that prove Hindu religion and Tamil language in China. Pictures of a temple and Tamil, Chinese inscription is being spread for years claiming that it is captured in an ancient Shiva temple in China.

It is true that the inscriptions and temples were made by Tamil Kings but the pictures are pooled incorrectly.

Inscription: Bilingual (Tamil and Chinese) inscription in China dated Saka era 1203 (1281 CE) has the names of Chinese emperor CekacaikanParman and the Deity Thirukanikuramudaiyar.

Angkor Wat: It is not known to many that Vishnu temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia was built by Tamil King. The construction of the temple was begun by Tamil King Surya Varman, Khmer Empire and the work was completed by Tamil King Jayavarman.

Angkor Wat covers the area of 162.6 hectares and is considered the largest religious monument in the world. This temple gradually got transformed into a Buddhist temple since the end of 12th century.

The pictures of Angor Wat temple were falsely claimed as Shiva temple in China. An article in Tamilcnn page is the source of this viral meme. It had all these pictures.

It is important to mention that the inscription is in China but is pooled wrongly with Angkor Wat temple pictures in the name of Shiva temple in China.

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