This article is from Mar 10, 2019

The rumour about the terrorists who have died in India’s Air Strike.

The news that was spread:

For those who have asked for the evidence of India’s assault on Pakistan, here it is. It was published by Pakistani people.




Pakistan has been spreading rumours of the death of people during India’s Air Strike by posting the images of people who have died years ago.


The news about the assault by the Indian Air Force on the Pakistani border has been rumored again. Some pictures were spread in social media claiming that those are the people who died in the India’s Air Strike.

All those pictures which have been posted as the people dead during India’s Air Strike are the people who have died in Pakistan during different tragedy.

The first picture where there are many people being buried, the second picture where there was body of dead people in a room etc. are the people who died in Pakistan’s heat wave in 2015.

There was shocking number of deaths in Pakistan due to the head waves in 2015 which hit a number of 749. This picture was taken by EDHI organisation during the 2015 heat waves when the carcass was stored in a room, in Karachi, Pakistan.

In 2013, there wasbomb blast in the Quetta area in Pakistan by the Lukar-e-Jangvi which had a death poll of 90 and left 160 injured.This picture was taken when the relatives of the deceased were burying the dead.Posting the pictures of the people who died during the heat waves as the people died during India’s Air Strike on Pakistan is shameful and definitely not a good thing to do.

Proof: Karachi heatwave death toll crosses 1,200: Health Department

Quetta bombing: Relatives begin to bury victims

Pakistan heatwave: death toll rises to almost 750 as temperatures begin to fall

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