This article is from Nov 22, 2018

The uprooted coconut trees can be revived.

Gaja cyclone has largely affected the delta regions of Tamil Nadu. It is so teary to see the destroyed green fields, damaged groves, crumbled trees on the roadside. The efforts the farmers of delta region has put on so far to grew the crops has gone vain. The videos of damaged coconut trees are viral on the social media now. A few who know about coconut growing say that the fallen trees can be grown again. This information is very much needed for the farmers of the delta region.

What is to be done?

There are possibilities to revive the uprooted coconut trees. Coconuts, dried and broken branches in the head portion of the tree should be removed. This reduces evaporation and helps to keep the tree moisturized. Dug up a pit of 3 feet deep and plant the uprooted coconut tree. Mix 5 grams of copper-oxychloride for one litre of water and this mixture should be sprayed around the tree to prevent fungus attack. Soil pro-actor coconut mix should be used next. Four poles should be tied around the tree.

Stem bleeding disease in coconut tree damages the stem and the rotten part of the tree is to be tied with a rag on which IBA 500 ppm is to be sprayed in order to form new roots. It is also said that the damaged part of the tree can be ripped off and the root part can be planted. In trees of the rotting condition, the stem that is 4 feet below the leaf base should be pecked a little, so that the pecked part gets exposed to air. There are chances to revive uprooted trees but not broken trees. When we asked about this to Assistant Professor Mr.Balakumbahan, Horticulture College, Theni, he said that there are chances for broken trees sometimes.

Some trees can be revived

The video below is a demonstration by Mr.Balasubramanian from Mettupalayam on how to plant the uprooted tree. Thanks to one of the facebook videos that helped us getting his contact number. He said to us that the coconut trees damaged by elephants have been revived this way. The soil pro-actor coconut mix that he sells is used as fertilizer. The revival process is explained in the video. It requires a JCB and four helpers. But the success rate is around 50%. He said that it will take two months time to find whether the revival process is a success or not.

We have lost thousands of trees, but hundreds of it can be saved if Government of Tamil Nadu extends support in reviving coconut trees.

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