DMK’s income in the year 2017-18 is increased by 845% – ADR information


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In the past one year, DMK’s income has increased by 800 per cent.

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The DMK is ranked second in the list of the richest parties in India, with regard to the income and expenditure of the Indian state parties for the financial year 2017-2018 by ADR.


The Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) has issued information about the income and expenditure of the national and state parties, which includes the rich parties during every financial year.

A study published on March 7, 2019 under the headline “Analysis of Income & Expenditure of Regional Parties for 2017-2018” has 37 analyzes in India based on “IT Returns” submitted to the Election Commission of India.

The combined revenue of 37 parties in 2017-2018 finanacial year is 237.27 crore. In this, the Samajwadi Party’s income is more than Rs 47.19 crore.

Next to Samajwadi Party’s is Tamilnadu opposition party, DMK. In the year 2017-18, DMK’s income was Rs.35.748 crore. This is 15.07% of the total income of 37 parties. The income of the DMK has increased by 845% over the last financial year.

But the ruling party, ADMK’s income has reduced by 74% in the financial year 2017-18.

Telangana Rashtriya Samithi is in the third place with the income of 27.27 crores. The income of these first three parties put together is 110.21 crores.

State parties receive revenue from donations, interest in bank, membership fees and other sources. From these parties have earned 86 crores of revenue through membership fees.

The incomes of the regional parties, Samajwadi Party has spent 34 crores, DMK has spent 27.47 crores and TDP has spent 16 crores.Even though there are many regional parties in India, the Indian Election Commission has published the details of the parties which has submitted their “IT returns” to the Election Commission.

Proof:Analysis Of Income & Expenditure Of Regional Political Parties For FY 2017-18

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